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Celebrating Carnival in Curaçao

The Caribbean equals Carnival and Curaçao is no exception. During two weeks numerous parades will curl through the city; all exuberant explosions of color and music, large floats and dancing people, led by the Queen and King of the Carnival.

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Two weeks of Festivities

On Friday January 21st Curaçao's 2016 Tumba King was coronated. Rubertico Balentien won the Tumba Festival with his Tumba titled 'Nos dos ta bati bai' (The two of us are going). What follows are different jump-ups and jump-ins around the island. These are either parades or outdoor parties where people usually wear a specific T-shirt while dancing and partying on the Tumba rhythms. These can be considered warming ups for the Carnival parades.

Carnival Schedule for 2016

January 31 - Children's Carnival Parade.
February 05 - Teener's Carnival Parade.
February 06 - Banda Abou Carnival Parade.
February 07 - Grand Parade.
February 08 - Children's Farewell Parade.
February 09 - Grand Farewell Parade

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