Freeport Jewelers

The Freeport Jewelers Group is Curacao’s premier jeweler . This family owned chain consists of six beautiful stores. Each one having a distinct offering and showcasing different brands, from high end luxury to affordable fashion.

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The Freeport Stores

The Freeport Jewelers group of stores consists of 4 stores in Punda; a new store at the Renaissance Mall; and a centrally located store at the Zuikertuin Mall. Also member of the Freeport group is the sparkling new Swarovski Boutique at the Renaissance Mall in Otrobanda.
Each store has its own character offering different brands and collections so feel free to visit them all and discover something new at each location. From designer luxury brands to fun fashion items, the Freeport stores surely have something for everybody.
Profit from Duty- and Tax-Free prices and US-based customer service.

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